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Imagine an internal eCommerce storefront with all the custom supply chain items your company requires… then add cost center awareness, backend support, and variable web applications. Yep. That’s Centra.

What is Centra?


Centra is EDC’s proprietary eCommerce platform that empowers employees at different locations to easily access, and receive, anything that’s important to your supply chain.

Centra has centralized marketing efforts across an organization, simplified employees’ ability to order custom company branded apparel via a website, and empowered retail outlets across the country to access products they need for ongoing operation. Centra can handle custom products, standard products, or even partially manufactured items for assembly at your facility. Centra was built by EDC to connect your employees to whatever they need—without restrictions.

EDC Amplified


When used in conjunction with EDC’s sourcing, warehousing, fulfillment, and inventory management, Centra becomes the front end to an entire system working for your organization to provide a centralized location for connecting and simplifying employees to the items they need, while we do the heavy lifting. Centra allows companies to expand their inventory management infrastructure, add a professional purchaser, streamline ordering, reduce overhead, and provide a user-friendly front end to your employees.

“It’s like Amazon for supply chain management.”

Chad Troutwine
CEO and co-founder of Veritas Prep

Cost… Centered


Centra is completely customizable to your cost centers which simplifies billing management. Want to know how each location is doing on their YTD MRO budget? No problem. Centra’s dashboards provide simple access to monitoring activity across your network of locations, so you can manage billing processes and spend of each location or user.

To Each Their Own


EDC custom built a variable data print (VDP) application right inside Centra for easily managing the variable, multi-touch orders common among marketing departments. When one location wants to run a local campaign, but needs the brand strategy insights of the Marketing Manager at a different location, and the purchasing power of the CFO at HQ—it’s not a problem. Local users can access predefined templates and access to the files is in one centralized location for all to see. Want to design business cards, fliers, or brochures? Check.

Free of Charge


There’s really no clever way to say free. Like all major eCommerce sites you don’t pay for access. And assuming your needs are big enough to benefit from Centra, there are no set up charges either. We’ll do the heavy lifting to get you set up so you can start gaining efficiencies and saving cash as soon as possible.

EDC developed centra to manage your infrastructure so that
you don’t have to. Instead, you can focus on what you do best:
growing your business, while we do the rest.

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