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Automate Your Supply Chain

EDC provides B2B fulfillment, marketing execution, and print management so that you focus on growing your business. Let us source, manage, and fulfill inventory and marketing materials so you can scale.
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Automate Your
Supply Chain

EDC sources, warehouses, distributes, manages inventory, reports on usage, and provides a proprietary eCommerce interface throughout your organization. We centralize and simplify so that you can focus on growing your business.
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The Foundation

Sourcing and Distribution

EDC has spent 45 years building a core competency in sourcing, warehousing, and distributing custom made products. From complete Print Management and light manufacturing to Promotional Product and Custom Apparel distribution, EDC has created a strong, and celebrated, supply chain for custom products utilized in all 50 states.

The Advantage

Centralized Software

EDC’s new proprietary software platform, centra, connects employees across multiple locations to the products they need in one centralized eCommerce location. Oh yeah, and it’s completely custom built to your cost centers, allowing your organization to take cash flow management to a whole new level.

The Results

Increased Profitability

EDC is complete supply chain management for the rest of us. Our proven system reduces overhead, reduces inventory, streamlines your supply chain, and directly increases profitability.  We orchestrate your network so you can focus on moving your company forward.

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“ They provide an on-site representative to handle all the printing requests and questions. They also register all our associates so they can use the website. EDC is a true business partner.”


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Imagine an internal eCommerce storefront with all the custom supply chain items your company requires… then add cost center awareness, backend support, and variable web applications. Yep. That’s Centra.
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